Forty9L Artworks by Jacinta Haycock

jacinta haycock girl in the red dress

The Girl in the Red Dress

There are a beautiful selection of paintings available in RedAgape Guesthouse. They are painted by local artist Jacinta Haycock from Forty9L Artworks. If you are interested in any of her paintings you can find her contact details on her Facebook page. Or alternatively, you may like to contact me at

jacinta haycock red dog

Red Dog 50×50
Acrylics and Oils on Canvas

jacinta haycock morning dew

Morning Dew 67X56 Acrylics and Oils on Canvas

jacinta haycock deer oh deer

Deer oh Deer 97×66
Acrylics and Oils on board

jacinta haycock angels


jacinta haycock vintage flowers

Vintage Flowers 91×61
Acrylics and Oils on Canvas

Forty9L Artworks by Jacinta Haycock

Forty9L ArtworksI met the beautiful Jacinta Haycock from Forty9L Artworks this week for coffee and feel like i’ve made a friend. Jacinta approached me late last year to see if i’d like to display some of her paintings in the guesthouse. I had already tossed around the idea of hanging local artist’s paintings in the guesthouse, but with Mum’s illness and passing last year the project just didn’t happen. With the new year in full swing it’s definitely time to add some fresh new art into the house.

I really love Jacinta’s paintings. They feel real, authentic not forced. Just looking at them makes me feel happy. And although I’ve admired her work on her Facebook page, seeing them in real life is the only way to do them justice. Her paintings are full of heart and are delightfully quirky making them the perfect fit for RedAgape. Jacinta has generously allowed me hang a range of her paintings for sale (acrylics and oils on canvas or board) in the house. These artworks are currently behind bubble wrap so you’ll have to stay tuned for shots of them in the house.

Jacinta Haycock Forty9L Artworks Forty9L Artworks Jacinta Haycock