Using Maps in Interior Styling

paper cone wreath from maps We have quite a few maps on the walls in our home. My hubby is quite fond of them as he has a keen interest in geography. It’s not uncommon to find him standing in front of one, analysing the countries, cities or towns. I like maps too, but mostly because they look pretty.
The world map below I bought as a gift for my husband and it hangs in our office. It’s decorative and practical as the kids do most of their homework in this space. world map in office
maps as wall art in the office We own a few vintage maps and they are my favourites because of their colours and tones. Hubby loves these ones too as he can compare how mapping has changed over the years *yawn*. styling with vintage maps The vintage map below is HUGE and hangs on the wall in our son’s room. We found it online at Empirical Style. They have a great range of maps, plus other cool goodies. using vintage maps in interiors This paper map wreath hangs in our living area. You can find the tutorial for this DIY wreath here. Hubby was NOT pleased about me destroying an old atlas, but look how pretty it is! upcycled altas as paper wreath

Gift shopping for Nerdy Men plus recycling old atlases

map of australia.jpg

Happy April Fools Day!! We are celebrating my husband’s birthday a day early this year to take advantage of the public holiday. The kids and I also thought it would be fun to celebrate on April Fools Day. So, what do you buy a nerdy guy for his birthday?
Anyone who has read my blog before will know that my husband LOVES maps! See here. So, an atlas was at the top of my list for his birthday. And you really cannot get better than The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World. He loves it and I know he will bore me with useless facts about the world for the next 12months at least!

I wrapped his atlas in map gift paper and his other gifts in the pages torn from an old atlas. And seriously, he was like a child at Christmas playing with an empty box. He raved about the pages (even when they were torn from the presents) and ignored his brand new atlas, while he examined the old pages. What a nerd! 🙂

recycling old atlases.jpg
I’ve used old atlas pages before to decorate gifts. They make great envelopes and if you’re crafty enough, they can be transformed into gorgeous, original gift bows. And these were really quite simple to make.

gift bows from old atlases.jpg This massive map by Telegram Paper Goods is the perfect gift for your nerdy man. It looks awesome on our office wall and I know he’ll spend hours examining it and planning trips in his head. Happy Birthday Johnathon! Xo

world map telegram paper goods.jpg