Aseptic Dental Cabinet – My Newest Antique Love

Aseptic Dental CabinetI didn’t know that I needed an antique dental cabinet, until i saw it. NEED. Two weeks ago I came across this Aseptic Dental Cabinet in an local antique store. I knew it was special, but the price was far and above what I have paid for any of my vintage finds. So, I reluctantly left the store and tried to forget about. Of course, I went home and did some googling, hoping to find that these cabinets are a dime a dozen and not worth anything near the price of this one. Wrong. They are quite sought after and rarer here in Australia, than in the States.
PlaqueonasepticdentalcabinetIt is hard to believe that such a gorgeous and well constructed piece of furniture housed the implements of torture of early 20th century dentists. This particular cabinet has a plaque that states “Aseptic Dental Company, Lee S. Smith & Son Co., Pittsburgh USA”. In its original state it also would have had a plaque at the bottom that read “The Bown Steel Dental Cabinets/Patented April 13, 1909”. Apparently, they are the ‘holy grail’ of dental cabinets and it is easy to see why. Medical cabinet USAAfter two weeks of contemplation, I decided that I wanted it regardless of the cost. I went back to the store this week to see if it was still there. I was trying not to get my hopes up, as such unique pieces don’t last long on shop floors. But there it was, in all its glory when I walked back in. I spoke to the owner who assured me that I wouldn’t find anything else quite like it. She was quite emotional saying goodbye to the cabinet as her husband, who passed earlier this year, had received it in pieces and lovingly restored it over the course of a month. It has three keys that lock each of the different sections securely and a beautiful marble lip underneath the double glass doors. A mirrored and glassed section at the top of the cabinet can also be locked securely. There are 14 drawers that open and close with such smoothness and ease. Finally, a large door at the base is perfect for storing larger items.Lockable dental cabinetIt must have been difficult for her to let it go, but I reassured her that I would love it and cherish it. It is my favourite piece of furniture bar none. There is nothing in RedAgape Guesthouse that even comes close to this cabinet. It is special. Very special and I love it.
MarbleonantiquedentalcabinetThis purchase has really clarified what I want to focus on collecting in the future. I don’t want your typical antiques or fashionable vintage finds. I want unique and special. This cabinet is the perfect start for me to begin serious collecting for RedAgape. Aseptic dental cabinet features

DIY framed chalkboard


I found this vintage frame months ago and I was unsure of the best way to repurpose it. The ornate wood was a beautiful colour and I would have loved to have kept it in its original condition, but alas, there were areas that had been drawn on or stained with paint. Spray painting it was going to be the simplest way to clean it up.20130225-173808.jpg
It took a few coats of glossy white spray paint to cover it thoroughly. I attached a blackboard to the back using strong adhesive and tape. Finally, I found an amusing quote about love and hung it on the wall.