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crochet dragon

@littlecosythings makes so many gorgeous characters that feature in the #craftastherapy feed on Instagram

The #craftastherapy hashtag on Instagram is quickly approaching 500 images. I am really chuffed that so many creative crafters are using the hashtag to show off their handmade pieces. Crochet is obviously flavour of the month and fills most the feed, but that’s ok with me. There are some seriously talented ladies who know how to use the hook!! Here is a selection of my favourites from the feed. Enjoy!!

crochet bracelet

A gorgeous crochet bracelet by @kenjiku_ found in the #craftastherapy feed

hand painted bowl

A beautiful hand painted ceramic bowl – by @hookedandneedled

crochet blanket

A stunning crochet blanket and bag by @winterbeachbymab

crochet #craftastherapy

Crochet squares in pretty soft shades by @mariam_mim

woven bowls

Handmade woven bowls by @string_harvest

crochet blue and white

Perfectly crocheted blue and white squares by @maritparit

Please feel welcome to join in the fun and use the #craftastherapy tag when posting your creations on Instagram. It’s a lovely, warm and welcoming community. xx

7 Vignettes for April 2014

seven vignettes april natural

The April round of #7vignettes, created by The Interiors Addict is being judged by Once Was Lost who are lovers of beautifully handmade products. They source products from all over the globe focussing on well designed, high quality and ethically produced pieces. The list for this month’s 7 Vignettes has been one of my favourites. Simple, but thought provoking words that have inspired many beautiful vignettes on Instagram. Search under the hashtag #7vignettes to admire these lovingly created images. You can find me on Instagram under RedAgape.

The list –
* Natural
* Simple Things
* Adventure
* Handmade
* Wise Words
* Found
* Thankful

seven vignettes simple things

seven vignettes adventure

seven vignettes handmade

seven vignettes wise words

seven vignettes found

seven vignettes thankful
seven vignettes april 2014

How to make a washi tape heart card

how to make a washi tape heart card

We attended my brother-in -law’s wedding over the weekend. I needed a card for them and knowing the couple to be completely down to earth and relaxed, i wanted the card to suit them. It is no secret that i am a fan of washi tape. Who isn’t? Its uses are limitless. Just search ‘washi tape’ on Pinterest, i dare you, and see the massive number of creative projects that people all over the world have completed.

My card is simple but effective and easy to make. You’ll need –

1. cardboard

2. kraft blackboard heart (or another heart as a template)

3. pencil

4. assorted washi tapes

5. scissors
washi tape card outline

Step 1 – trace around the heart template so you have an outline on your card. 

how to make a washi tape heart card

Step 2 – stick lengths of washi tape to the heart template. Don’t stick them down too hard because you will need to be able to lift the pieces of washi tape off easily.  Keep sticking until the heart is completely covered.

washi tape card heart template

Step 3  – carefully cut off the overlapping  bits of washi tape.

washi tape card template

Your heart template should look like this.
washi tape card heart template

Step 4 – Once your heart is covered, very carefully remove the pieces of washi tape and attach them to your card using the pencil outline as a guide.

washi tape card constructionIt is easiest to start in the middle of the heart. Place your first two strips of washi tape in the centre.

how to make a washi tape heart cardAnd here is the card complete.

washi tape card complete

And finally, here it is all wrapped up with a bit more washi tape and string. I used the kraft chalkboard heart as a tag, which echoes the theme of the card inside.

washi card wrapped

The wedding itself was nothing short of stunning! Check out the lantern lit tent where we dined on delicious, simple and hearty food. And finally, a pic of the gorgeous couple. Congrats! xo 
magical lantern lit wedding tentchris and jeri wedding