DIY Map of Australia Heart Print

paper craft map of australia

I’ve seen a few map silhouettes in frames for sale and have often thought that they were overpriced. So when my Aunt was admiring one online for almost $100 i thought i should have a go at making one. This craft activity is super easy and quick to complete. If you’ve got all your materials on hand it only takes about 10minutes to put together. You’ll need –

1. small map of australia about 12x12cm

2. square frame 20x20cm

3. heart template

4. white cardboard

5. scissors, pencil and double sided tape
heart trace map craft

Trace an outline of a heart onto the map of Australia using a template and very carefully cut it out. australia map heart Cut a square 20cmx20cm from the white cardboard and stick the heart in the centre using double sided tape.  australian map craftI used good quality card for the backing with a little gold shimmer in it. I’m not really happy with the colour of the map, so i’m going to see if i can find some vintage atlases to make a more colourful option. Overall, a super quick and easy paper craft activity. 🙂
map of australia heart print

Ebay Bargains and Garage Sales

I have found some great buys on ebay and at garage sales! I have saved an enormous amount of dollars by shopping carefully and i don’t think the quality of the furniture or accessories has been compromised in the process. Here are just a few of the bargains i have found.  I will let the pictures do the talking. 🙂

We found this chaise on ebay. It was still in the plastic! The owners were moving interstate and didn’t want to take it. Hooray!

We scored two carvers and ten regular chairs from the same ebay seller that was selling the chaise. We managed to get the chaise and twelve chairs in total for an absolute steal! And they are all gorgeous!

I bought this table and two bench seats at a garage sale….the same place where i found the cool bottles. The owners were lovely and generous people. I LOVE this setting.

Gold vintage frame found on ebay.

Happy Thursday!!   🙂

Red, the inner critic and a sneak peak of the parlour…

We drove to Millthorpe again today. The short 2 hr drive makes a day trip quite doable, without completely wearing everyone out. Johno planted new hedges in the front garden and hung some more pictures and mirrors in the house. He had to use a drill today! For anyone who knows my husband, this is a big deal. I’m talking masonry drill bits, wall anchors and hooks. He did a great job and it looked exhausting, so i was really glad it was him and not me. That said, i didn’t spend the day lazing by the fire (i wish!). I made beds, unpacked kitchen gear, reorganised the parlour and helped measure out drilling points.

I discovered today that i might be addicted to red. I knew i liked red, but after looking around Winterfell today it’s quite clear that an addiction is forming. There are splashes of red throughout the main living area and parlour. I’m quite conservative, so i guess this is my way of adding some colour. I really do LOVE it. And it was the red door of Winterfell that got my attention in the first place.

My inner critic was louder than usual today, so i had to try extra hard to squash it. Sometimes i wonder why i am so critical of myself and the things i do. I question every little detail in the house and i want it to be perfect. Of course, nothing and noone is perfect, so i reassured myself today with this logic. And really, i’m not an interior designer. I have no skill in this area, so it’s time to lighten up and not be so hard on myself. With all that said, i’ve been completely unhappy with the parlour. It was too busy and was full of vintage and antique gear, which is great, but there was too much of it. So today i did a reshuffle and moved stuff out of the parlour and into the bedrooms and stuff out of the bedrooms and into the parlour. I’m feeling much happier about it now. I just need a nice coffee table….

Here is a sneak peak of the parlour. And where did the kids spend the day?…..lazing by the fire. 🙂


There are five bedrooms in Winterfell to furnish and decorate. Each room will have a different theme or style. I thinks it’s important to cater for all tastes, so i’m hoping that every guest will find at least one room to satisfy them. My children have been helping me with ideas for the rooms, which has been lovely. It means that all the rooms will have a different feel and personality…..just like the kids!

So, my middle child, Eilish has decided she would like GOLD in her room. This is perfect because we purchased a stunning watercolour from a local artist a couple of years ago which suits. The painting of a child with her cat caught my husbands eye at a local market. He is by NO means an art critic, but it reminded him so much of Eilish we bought it. It has never really fitted in our home, but will be a perfect fit for Eilish’s gold room.

I have also managed to find some gorgeous old lamp bases at some local junk shops. They certainly don’t make them like these anymore. And the gorgeous gold square pictures were only $7 each at a secondhand store.

And tassels!! i have found tassels to hang on the door knobs throughout the house. So pretty!

Vintage Print Find

8 prints at $15 plus $5 each to frame = $55 in total!

Ok, i’ll admit i was pretty excited about this find. While on a day trip with my husband for work we stopped at an antique store in Coonabarabran. I found 8 vintage prints (reproductions, but i don’t care) in a pack for only $15. They are in perfect condition and look fantastic in these $5 frames. Such a bargain. I’m thinking of using them as a bedhead feature in one of the rooms. What do you think?


Just editing to add that while visiting Sydney last week I found these exact prints brand new in a shop for $15!!! It seems they weren’t a junkyard find after all. Nevermind……I still LOVE them…..and they were still a BARGAIN! xo