In a former life

Ahhh, i have fallen in love in junk! With a limited budget I’m forced to get a little creative and i’m loving the challenge. I never imagined i would become so obsessed with secondhand things, but not only am i seeing the beauty in recycled pieces, but I’m actually preferring them to new. New things seem so cold to me now. I love the warmth and character found in older objects. Hopefully this new attitude will apply to myself as I get older!!

This old piece was an aquarium stand in its former life. I’ve added some vintage sheet music to fill the void where the tank would have sat and i plan on getting a nice thick sheet of glass to cover the top. This will be perfect as a desk in the one of the rooms. A bargain at $70. I should add that my sister Amy gave me the idea for this one…..she is so clever and creative.

I love the colours in these old sheets of musics that i found in a secondhand shop. I’ve put them into frames for preservation.

Now these guys were obviously attached to a deer in a former life. And no, we are not hunters!! The males shed these every 12months after the mating season. Apparently it is rare to find a matching pair unbroken. We bought them from a local shop in Millthorpe and we LOVE them. Not sure what we are going to do with them yet. Maybe hang them above the fireplace or on a wall somewhere. Until we decide they’ll remain a centre piece for our table at home.