DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

gift wrapping vignette ideas

I love gift wrapping! I’m catching up with some very special friends this weekend. We’ve been out of school 20yrs this year (gasp) and we try to catch up every 12months for a weekend away together. It’s a great way to reconnect without the distraction of husbands, kids and life in general. I’m soooo looking forward to it! We also take the opportunity to celebrate our birthdays, as they all fall within a couple of months of each other. And what a wonderful excuse to play around with gift wrapping. 🙂
blue dots wrapping paper

I love gift wrapping but I hate buying expensive paper knowing that it’ll be thrown away. I’m not saying my friends aren’t worth it!! I’d just prefer to spend extra on the gift, or on wrapping embellishments that can be recycled. This is why i prefer to use brown paper, white butcher’s paper, old sheet music or pages from old atlases to wrap gifts. I’ve even seen gifts wrapped in old paper sewing patterns and newspaper. What a great idea! This time around I’ve played with brown paper, doilies, ribbons, washi tape, vintage sheet music and a bit of paint. I even used one of my handmade bows to decorate one of the gifts. I LOVE the outside looking as pretty as the gift inside. Here are my wrapped gifts! Enjoy 🙂
diy dotted wrapping paper gift wrapping ideas blue theme vintage sheet music as gift wrapvintage sheet music as gift wrap pretty gift wrapping ideas wrapping paper ideas gift wrapping ideas red themed diy wrapping paper red theme gift wrapping ideas doileys ribbon washi tape gift wrapping ideas doileys ribbon washi tapeAnd where would we spend a weekend away celebrating friendship and birthdays? RedAgape Guesthouse of course. 😉
wrapping gifts with doilies and brown paper