Jumbled Fun with Bedroom Decor

jumbled frame and plate collage

Do you decorate your house to please yourself or others? For a long time i’ve been very safe about how I decorate our home. I suppose I’ve been nervous that visitors to our home might make judgements on our decorating tastes. I say ‘our’ decorating tastes, but i really mean ‘my’ decorating tastes…hubby doesn’t decorate. πŸ™‚ Lately, I’ve come to my senses and realised that it is OUR home and we can present it however we like. Of course, when it comes to decorating RedAgape Guesthouse I have to be more mindful of visitors. I want the Guesthouse to be quirky and interesting, but not so over the top that guests feel overwhelmed.

bedside table arrangement

Have you heard of Jumbled? It is a brilliant homewares store in Orange that combines all things eclectic and colourful. I have visited many times and only once, have I walked out empty handed (I must have been unwell that day). I always feel inspired by Jumbled’s fun homewares and wish my house was more FUN! A couple of weeks ago Jumbled ran a fun instagram competition. Using #jumbledbedroom on Instagram, those entering posted pics of their bedrooms. There were some inspirational bedrooms, so I took the opportunity to jazz up our bedroom and enter myself. Here’s the before and after plus my entry below – clearly accentuated by our picture perfect cat, Suki.

jumbled before after entry

jumbled bedroom decor
To jazz up our bedroom for the jumbled competition, i added some curtains either side of the bed, some fun and colourful cushions (all made by me) and a fun, jumbled wall display. The most time consuming part of the makeover was putting the wall display together. I didn’t want to spend much money, so i hunted through the garage for old frames, spray painted them and added some homemade art. I strongly recommend making paper cut outs of the frames and positioning the paper on the wall before hammering nails. It certainly lessens the number of holes in the wall. See my plate wall display for an example.

jumbled frame arrangement

I’ll admit that i wasn’t sure at first if i liked my new room. But it grew on me very quickly! I’m not used to having so much colour in one room, but it really makes me feel happy when i walk into it. So happy in fact i was keen to add some more colour with some beautiful kantha quilted items. A gorgeous quilt and quilted cushion. LOVE! It’s a fun room now! And really, if you can’t have fun in the bedroom, where can you?? πŸ˜‰

bedroom makeover bedroom makeover decor completedjumbledbedroom bedroom before after

15 thoughts on “Jumbled Fun with Bedroom Decor

  1. I love this room!! I loved it when you shared the picture with your cat on Instagram, but that gorgeous quilt just ups the awesome factor even more! The colours are beautiful together and it’s so happy and fun in there. Great job! πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Steph! The quilt is beautiful isn’t it?! I bought two quilts- the other one has lots of yellow in it. I’m not sure where I’m going to use it, but I’m sure you’ll see it somewhere in a future post. πŸ™‚


  2. Good job, Miss Mandy! Lots of contrast from light to dark, with just the right accents of color to give it a very warm feeling! The quilt gives the texture you need, and I do like your choice of pics and decor. It has a very fresh feel, with the yellow and the magenta gives a perfect balance! These are the exact colors I was thinking of for my room, so seeing your work here gives me a great idea of what is to come! Thanks for sharing your private space. I look forward to seeing much more of what you can do!


    • Wow. Thank you. That’s the best feedback I’ve ever had!! I was a little bit reluctant about sharing my private room, but I’m so pleased I did. It’s been nice to know that others like what I’ve done with the room. I would really like to see your makeover when you’re done. Thanks so much for the great feedback. You’ve made my day. πŸ™‚


      • Sure, getting some pics will be fun. An exercise in how to make best use of a small room as a modern/modest studio/bedroom… as your room is traditional and comfortable, my room is more international and functional, but with lots of color and inspiration! Due to limited space I have oriented down to the floor with nice rugs and plenty of room to spread out with projects… My original plan included a queen bed built on a platform by yours truly, but space, resources and practicality are the issue… and my sewing desk has been donated to use as a transition counter-top in the new kitchen… stay tuned… hehe Thanks again for the inspiration!


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