Being kind to yourself and others…

beads on a vintage mannequin.jpg

My stupid, unpredictable, incurable and chronic illness has flared again completely out of the blue. So today I am trying really, really hard to be kind to myself. I’m going to take it easy and hope that the fire that’s been ignited will burn out by itself. Fingers crossed!! While I rest and hopefully recuperate, I thought I’d share a little idea I had about being kind and generous to others.
I found a lovely old mannequin in the antique shop down the road from the guesthouse in Millthorpe. I’d been keeping an eye out for one because I needed a nice display for a collection of beads I’d been gathering for the house.

eb&ive beads elk.jpg
My bead collection includes Elk (my fav), eb&ive plus others in various styles and colours. I’ve been on a few girls’ weekends away and have been keeping a note of things I’ve appreciated in other guesthouses and things that have made me feel completely welcome. Making guests feel welcome is something I’ve had in the back of my mind right from the beginning. It’s so important. With this in mind I welcome guests to borrow a necklace (especially if they’ve forgotten to pack one) to wear out to dinner, the markets or just around the town.

faux deer head.jpg I have been warned about breakages and theft, but I’m prepared for that and I strongly believe in Karma. I hope guests appreciate the gesture and are happy to borrow and return.
Finally, I’m looking at doing to plate display in one of the rooms. Here’s my collection so far. My favourites are the bird, rabbit and yellow dinner plate by Mozi. LOVE!!

plate collection vintage.jpg

mozi melanine plates.jpg



26 thoughts on “Being kind to yourself and others…

  1. Lovely post but I am sorry to hear about your illness Mandy. I like your whole philosophy, its perfect. We had a furnished unit for short term leases at one point which I had so much fun decorating, and it wasn’t til we came to sell it and unsaying strangers came through that someone ripped off 2 ikea glasses. I mean really? They were hard ones to get but still… I do think it’s right to expect the best from people though. That yellow plate is divine. I love a wall of plates, haven’t gotten around to doing it but I certainly have enough. Waiting for my own country retreat. Also have dummy envy big time. Would love to come and stay. Where is Milthorpe? All the best to you.


    • Really?! Two ikea glasses? Now that’s disappointing and a little strange. Maybe they were just really thirsty?
      Not sure if I can pull off the plate wall display, but I’m having fun collecting them. I love my dummy too and now I want one for home.
      I’m looking forward to seeing your website Sandy! How exciting!!


  2. No I’m pretty sure they were ripped off. They were very lovely white painted glass glasses on an open shelf. Anyway, I believe in Karma too and am quite pleased to not be living the life of someone who feels the need to steal from others. Their mind must be punishment enough. Anyway, thats a bit dark for a Monday…Thanks for the vote of confidence on the website. I’m going through periods of excitement and self-doubt in furious succession… Anyway too late, just got to get in online and stop fussing and driving my lovely uber patient web designer crazy. Have a great week πŸ™‚


  3. Nice work on finding a mannequin in such great condition! Looks great!

    LOVE the blue plate down the bottom, where is that from? Love the Mozi plates also, hehe looks a lil bit like my blog a week or so ago… They are my fav plates from there too of which I have bought- a wall display is a great idea!


  4. What a lovely idea about borrowing the neclaces! Love the plates too.
    If people didn’t feel welcome in your guest house, I don’t think they’d feel happy anywhere! xox


  5. Great photos. Big fan of the mannequin – I’d love to find one of those for sale in a charity or junk shop one day. I’ll keep hoping! Fabulous plates; I love the patterned ones especially. You have a great eye πŸ™‚


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