Treasure Hunting in the Hunter


Babies grow quickly, right?! They don’t stay perfect little newborns for long, so when my new niece was born last week, i knew we had to visit as soon as we could. The kids were very keen to meet her too, so we made a quick visit over the weekend. It really was a beautiful drive to the Hunter Valley as everything was so very lush and green. The last time we traveled there it was quite dry and a bit sad looking. I managed to get a little bit of treasure hunting in and a generous visit to see the new baby. She was simply perfect, as newborns always are. Such a sweet little baby.

My first find is an assortment of old bobbins as seen above. I found these in Morpeth, just outside Maitland. I have NO idea what i’m going to do with them. I just love the shapes and colours, and being a sewer i felt an instant attraction. Aren’t they neat!

My second find are these old map and state stencils. Unfortunately, NSW is missing and poor old Tassie has to be hand drawn if you are using the one piece map of Australia.

IMG_1097IMG_1096 IMG_1102

My last find is this decorative wall ornament of two gold swans. My husband didn’t see the potential. ๐Ÿ™‚ But i’m sure they will look great hung outside at Winterfell on the back patio.




6 thoughts on “Treasure Hunting in the Hunter

  1. I clearly recall using those stencils at school so how OLD are they??? The stencils & bobbins are very interesting but the precious baby girl is just divine!! Congratulations to her very blessed mum & dad – they must be overjoyed! xox


  2. Beautiful. All of it. A perfect post Mandy. A lovely read, gorgeous pics, nostalgia, treasure hunting and cute kids holding newborn babies. Whats not to love? Your children are beautiful. Its making me feel all clucky [love how the computer autocorrected that to chunky, kind of feeling that way too] especially as my kids nearly 5 & 8 begged me on the weekend for a new brother and sister… Eek. Anyway. Loved the bobbins I would have wrestled them off you had I been there and the maps looked really familiar. I didn’t have the whole set but I am sure we had Australia. How cute is Morpeth? Haven’t been there for years. My husband is from Newcastle so know the Hunter Valley quite well, we got married in Pokolbin. Anyway rambling now, but I see you had a lovely weekend. Thanks for sharing it.


    • Oh boy, the kids asking for a new baby must have pulled on your heart strings. Xo It really was so beautiful to see my kids holding a fresh new baby. My son (my baby) was especially taken with her. My siblings have only just started having their children….I started quite young, early 20s, which I guess is like a teen pregnancy these days!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ anyway, I often felt sad my children didn’t have cousins on my side, but I’m over it now because it is more precious to see them admiring and adoring new additions. Now who’s rambling?!
      Thanks Sandy ๐Ÿ™‚


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