Tacky but cool!

When my husband and I found this at a secondhand shop in Orange, we stopped short, looked at each other and then confirmed that this was a MUST buy!! It’s awkward, it’s tacky and it’s the coffee table of our dreams!!
Others probably walked past it, ignoring its potential, but even as non gamblers, we knew this was going to be PURE GOLD in the parlour!




13 thoughts on “Tacky but cool!

  1. i don’t know about tacky…i think it’s great. what a conversation piece! and should you ever feel the need for a bit of roulette (as in ‘red or black, who’s cooking tonight?’) you’ve got it sorted.


    • Hi Victoria! It’s actually a coffee table….see it pictured in photos 2 or 3. It’s already had the legs cut down, so it’s more practical than a games table. The old legs came with it….not sure what to do with them?


      • Totally my fault! In my excitement to brag about my newest find, i neglected to explain myself very clearly. πŸ™‚ It has three layers, the cover, the roulette wheel and then another underneath with some other game….can you see just how ignorant i am about gambling?! I’m not even sure what the games are called. πŸ˜‰


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