The Mother of all Maps

We’ve just spent 10 days in Byron Bay. It’s so much fun discovering new places and finding fresh shops in which to search for treasures! We found Heath’s Old Wares in a little inland town called Bangalow. Such a beautiful little place.

Anyway, Heath’s Old Wares is packed with goodies and i mean PACKED! he must have about a 100 old ladders! And lucky too, because we needed one to reach this gorgeous maps of the United States that was hanging on his back wall. From the moment Johno saw it i knew he wanted it. He wanted it BAD! 🙂

Steady she goes….i’m not sure about using a vintage ladder to reach a vintage map.

Like the cat that got the cream…

It needed a good wipe over before the rolling and wrapping.

Getting it home was interesting. It was almost the length of the inside of our car, a four wheel drive, not a small car. It was a ten hour drive with this mammoth map running down the drivers side of the car. We were pulled over for random breath testing at one point. I thought the cop would have have something to say about it, but after Johno cleared the breath test he wished us well and we were on our way. There was one point in the car where Johno turned to me, and after a dramatic pause said, “You know, this is the best map EVER”. 🙂

So, despite 10 hours in the car, being pulled over by the police, and a car full of people and luggage, i am pleased to say the map survived. We weren’t long unpacked before it was hung on the wall. Awesome.

12 thoughts on “The Mother of all Maps

  1. Didn’t realize it was missing 2 states until it was hung on the wall at home. Lucky they weren’t important ones- sorry Alaska and Hawaii 


    • This place was incredible. It was a little overwhelming as there was SO much stuff. We probably would have found more, but we’d just spent hours at the markets and the kids were losing interest….rapidly! 😉


  2. Oh! I’ve been obsessed with old maps and globes also, but haven’t been as lucky as you to find so many! I’ve only found a few in old national geographic magazines, and haven’t even framed them yet. Thanks for the inspiration they look great.


    • Old books and magazines are a great source. I found an old Collins encyclopedia for $2 while we were away too. I’m hoping to chop it up and make something out of it. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. By the way, I love the chess set in your banner.


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