Leather Love

I really love leather. I don’t care if it’s old or new. There’s something about the smell of new leather that i love, but i also love when leather is old and worn.  We lashed out on new lounges for the house. They are very different styles. The chesterfield lives in the parlour opposite the fireplace and the other is more modern and belongs in the kitchen/living area. I love them equally. 🙂

The following pictures are of my cowhide, which i love. I know that animal skins aren’t for everyone (my daughter hates it) but i appreciate all of the animal being used, including the skin,  if it has been bred for eating purposes. The black and white contrasts beautifully with the tan lounge. Also, it is durable and easy to clean. Gotta love that!

Alright, so that’s my new leather. Now onto the old. These were all found at the Molong junk shop. Boy do i love that place. I don’t think we’ve ever visited and not taken something home. It is full of treasures!

This beauty was found at the junk shop. The top of the stool is covered in embossed leather. It’s lovely and solid, as most old furniture is.

This black beauty is covered in leather! I adore it. It will probably end up on one of the bedside tables at Winterfell.

I know this won’t appeal to everyone, but my husband loves camels, so when we saw this leather covered one, we had to have it!!

What a funny pair!

6 thoughts on “Leather Love

  1. Hey! New theme! Looks great! What prompted that? Sometimes I consider it, when I get the new-theme updates from wordpress, but always end up postponing. There are some different options I’d like to implement, but I haven’t found any themes that incorporate them all…

    I like camels too. They’re so exotic, and foreign, but seem friendly at the same time.


    • Hmm…I guess I just got bored. I like the white background of this theme, but I’m not impressed with the ginormous picture of my head at the bottom of the post! I must work out how to remove that. 🙂

      Do you really like camels? The longer I have this thing in my house the more it creeps me out. My husband has a thing for them, not a romantic attraction he assures me. My friend has camels on her farm and she loves them!! She says they have plenty of personality.


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