One Lovely Blog Award

Thankyou to Sandy and her fantastic blog for passing on this inspiring recommendation.

Sandy is one interesting girl! Mother and Broadcast Designer. She has worked for Television Networks & Post Production houses in Sydney and The UK. She is a collector and treasure hunter and blogs about some ultra cool items. Her pictures are always clear, minimalist and interesting. She has a quirky sense of humour which i love. Please check out her blog.

According to the One Lovely Blog Awards I am to reveal 7 [random] facts about myself and nominate up to 15 blogs I feel worthy of a One Lovely Blog Award.

So here goes….

1. I am meant to be writing an essay on social inequality and the Occupy Movement, but I’m procrastinating.

2. I have been planning for retirement since i was 18, and i don’t even work full-time!

3 . I LOVE a bargain……can’t walk past one. Full retail price offends me!

4. I have a chronic illness that has been torturing me for three years now.

5. My favourite week was spent in NYC over Christmas and New Year 2012, with my husband and three children.

6. I started studying psychology this year and ironically it has kept me sane through one of the best and worst years of my life.

7. I love craft….all kinds.

ok  time to present some other Lovely Blogs…


8 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. You forgot:-

    “I am a wonderful wife, excellent mother, great sister/sister-in-law and a very loving and much-loved daughter and daughter-in-law”

    Love fom your grateful & appreciative mother-in-law


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