Red, the inner critic and a sneak peak of the parlour…

We drove to Millthorpe again today. The short 2 hr drive makes a day trip quite doable, without completely wearing everyone out. Johno planted new hedges in the front garden and hung some more pictures and mirrors in the house. He had to use a drill today! For anyone who knows my husband, this is a big deal. I’m talking masonry drill bits, wall anchors and hooks. He did a great job and it looked exhausting, so i was really glad it was him and not me. That said, i didn’t spend the day lazing by the fire (i wish!). I made beds, unpacked kitchen gear, reorganised the parlour and helped measure out drilling points.

I discovered today that i might be addicted to red. I knew i liked red, but after looking around Winterfell today it’s quite clear that an addiction is forming. There are splashes of red throughout the main living area and parlour. I’m quite conservative, so i guess this is my way of adding some colour. I really do LOVE it. And it was the red door of Winterfell that got my attention in the first place.

My inner critic was louder than usual today, so i had to try extra hard to squash it. Sometimes i wonder why i am so critical of myself and the things i do. I question every little detail in the house and i want it to be perfect. Of course, nothing and noone is perfect, so i reassured myself today with this logic. And really, i’m not an interior designer. I have no skill in this area, so it’s time to lighten up and not be so hard on myself. With all that said, i’ve been completely unhappy with the parlour. It was too busy and was full of vintage and antique gear, which is great, but there was too much of it. So today i did a reshuffle and moved stuff out of the parlour and into the bedrooms and stuff out of the bedrooms and into the parlour. I’m feeling much happier about it now. I just need a nice coffee table….

Here is a sneak peak of the parlour. And where did the kids spend the day?…..lazing by the fire. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Red, the inner critic and a sneak peak of the parlour…

  1. Hush your inner critic—it all looks so charming!! You have a lovely eye. I don’t think you want to have an interior-designer-look anyway. When someone else designs your space, it always looks impersonal. (Plus, they keep all the REALLY good finds for themselves.)

    Parlor looks inviting and not at all cluttered. That’s a gorgeous mantle!!
    Also love the big polkadot dish towel… I’m having a thing for really giant polkadots right now… not sure why!! Guess great minds think alike.


  2. Red is in the blood, what can one do!

    Can’t decide what I love the most, the toaster or the door jam.

    Doing a great job, Lady Stark and I’m also most impressed with Eddard’s drill capabilities.


    • That’s good to know, as I haven’t used it yet. The brilliant thing about the kettle and toaster, that I forgot to mention, is that they were free! We purchased them using the reward points from our credit card! Yay! I love free!!


  3. I love the red details. I have red in my kitchen and I always question that decision. I still love the red, but I’d like to add a few more colors in there, perhaps orange and turquoise.


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