There are five bedrooms in Winterfell to furnish and decorate. Each room will have a different theme or style. I thinks it’s important to cater for all tastes, so i’m hoping that every guest will find at least one room to satisfy them. My children have been helping me with ideas for the rooms, which has been lovely. It means that all the rooms will have a different feel and personality…..just like the kids!

So, my middle child, Eilish has decided she would like GOLD in her room. This is perfect because we purchased a stunning watercolour from a local artist a couple of years ago which suits. The painting of a child with her cat caught my husbands eye at a local market. He is by NO means an art critic, but it reminded him so much of Eilish we bought it. It has never really fitted in our home, but will be a perfect fit for Eilish’s gold room.

I have also managed to find some gorgeous old lamp bases at some local junk shops. They certainly don’t make them like these anymore. And the gorgeous gold square pictures were only $7 each at a secondhand store.

And tassels!! i have found tassels to hang on the door knobs throughout the house. So pretty!


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