My husband and i spent a glorious weekend in the small village of Millthorpe earlier this year and fell so in love with the town that we bought a house. Sometimes things just feel right don’t they? We are not usually so spontaneous. Actually, we are quite the opposite! Some may call us safe, reliable, responsible and even boring! 🙂 

We do not buy houses at every holiday location we have enjoyed!! But there is something about that town, the house and the time we spent there, that made it feel right. And sometimes in life you should just do what feels right.

So now we are the proud owners of a beautifully renovated and restored 1890s blue stone foundation home. And our biggest dilemma? Decorating and furnishing the house with style, grace and LIMITED funds! Wish me luck xo


5 thoughts on “A FORK IN THE ROAD

  1. Thanks Victoria! Have fun with your renovating. Unfortunately, neither myself or my husband have the skills for renovating. An unfinished house would never have been an option…..as much as i love before and afters. Good Luck.


  2. Little bit spontaneity is always good and listening to your inner voice is very important for choosing a house or a home, I think.
    I have lived in my new apartment almost for two years and still have many things to do before I can call it finished, so decorating takes time, especially for a perfectionist like me 🙂
    I wish you all the best with your decorating journey!

    Greetings from Estonia!


    • Thanks Anu! Yes things take time don’t they? I’m also a perfectionist, which has it’s advantages and disadvantages as you would know! Lol
      I’m finding my ‘inner voice’ is quite vocal at the moment, so I’m having no trouble listening to it.
      Thanks for your comment. 🙂


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